Two More Reasons to Love My Michael Man

  Two things happened this week.  First, my boys go to a classroom, after school, while I have duties to attend to.  The woman who works in the room has asked my children to put up the chairs, since they're hanging out in there anyway.  Yesterday, they both grabbed an iPad from the desk.  None of the chairs were put up.  When asked to help, Michael gave in while Carter continued to play.  The woman called Michael over when he was finished and offered him two packets of Smarties for the work he did on his own.  He refused them both saying, "Oh no, my Mom says that I can't have those if I'm not going to share them with my brother." *BEAMING*

 Then, tonight, I looked in Michael's Freddie folder (the communication folder between teachers and parents) and found a paper titled "A Future President."  The picture he drew is of a blonde person with blue eyes and many eyelashes.  It reads as follows:
  "My mom should be president.  She gives speeches of love.  She takes care of us in black outs.  She maks good choices ubowt youth kids.  My mom would be a good choices."

I LOVE HIM!!!  Speeches of love...my favorite part. 



  My babies are so smart.  Today, my sister-in-law lost her father.  I was discussing it with my children.  Naturally, they asked what happened.  I told them that his heart and lungs have been working VERY hard lately and that they finally had a chance to rest.  Carter breaks in with "God died on the cross for us."  "You're right Carter!  Do you know why he did that?" "For our sins." "And why else?" Both boys said, "So we can go to Heaven."  It was dark in their room but I was beaming!  Then they went on to tell me what they imagined Heaven to look like.  Carter said it's full of fields.  Michael said he imagines that it's a HUGE church with red carpet.  They have really big pews, one for each family, so you can sit with your whole family.  They probably threw a party when Ben got there.  I told him that I think they throw a party for everyone when they get there.  He said they have lots of food up there.  We also discussed how Ben can finally breathe easily and his heart is working perfectly.  Michael did mention that his body stayed here and his spirit went to Heaven.  Happiness in the reality of sadness. 


Carter on Growing Up

  Carter is turning 5, this week.  We asked him how he could possibly be that big already and he just shrugged and said, "I don't know."  Brian asked him if he was moving out.  He said, "NO!  I'm not moving out till I'm 13."  THIRTEEN!?!?!?!?!  Brian said, "What do you mean, you're moving out at thirteen?"  "That's when I'll be a grown up...cause teenagers are grown ups."  I said to Brian, "Well, that's what thirteen year olds think, anyway."  :ยบ)


Michael on Leprechauns

Leprechauns have been a hot topic at school, this week.  Michael said to me, "We have to set up our leprechaun trap!" My interest was peaked.  "What trap?" He has formulated a genius plan to catch those tricky little buggers.  He explains his plan very thoroughly.  We have recently acquired two baby food jars.  He wants to set one up on the floor, in front of his desk.  We need to place a tissue on the top of it.  We also need to write a sign that reads, "Please jump on this trampoline," then he will jump off the desk onto the "Trampoline" and think he's going to go back up but really he'll be falling down into the jar.  Then he will have to leave Michael gold for a promise.  He can leave after he pays Michael.  :) So clever.


My Uncle Jimmy

Once upon a time, I had this uncle.  To me, he was one special guy.  He wasn't liked by all.  I sure loved him, though.  He was a hard working man.  He was missing some teeth.  He liked to eat his dinner while laying on the living room floor.  He loved to change into his cut off jean shorts as soon as he could, after work.  He carried his beer and cigarette in the same hand.  He read the morning paper at the dining room table so his daughters and crazy niece could sleep on the sofa-bed.  He would come in when we were having sleepovers and while we were giggling and chatting, instead of sleeping, and would say things to make us laugh harder.  He loved his girls.  He was so tough on the outside and so soft on the inside.  Being the father of my life-long bestie, made him like my second dad.  I loved him so much.  He appreciated music.  He had an attrack player in his work van.  He heard the Mannheim Steamrollers version of Silent Night and was like putty. He really loved the end where the toy piano played.  One Christmas Eve, twenty years ago, he popped a shrimp into his mouth...and never spoke again.  I spent a lot of time grieving his loss.  Today, I was driving down the road and just started to cry.  I just thought about him.  I felt like today was a perfect day to honor him.  Uncle Jimmy, you still are the closest thing I've had to a second Dad.  I still feel full of love when I remember you.  I still wish I could wrap my arms around you.  I still miss you.  I love you.  Thank you for considering me one of your girls.



Donuts - The Easy Way

Donuts from home.
Things you'll need:
  Stove top
  Vegetable oil
  Pilsbury Buttermilk Biscuits
  Powdered Sugar
  Warm Water
  2 Bowls
  Cooling Racks 

 Pour vegetable oil in the pan.  About 3/4 in.
Put oil on the back burner and turn it to medium heat.
While oil is warming, make your glaze.  Powdered sugar and water.
Add one tablespoon of warm water at a time.
Until it looks something like this. Don't be afraid to make it thin, it covers much easier.
It's time to prep your biscuits.
Obviously, you must open the can first. :)
Put a hole in the middle of each biscuit.  Use your index fingers and thumbs for this task.
 They should look like this when you're done.
Check your oil by placing the handle of a wooden spoon on the bottom of the pan.  If it bubbles all around, it's ready!  You should NEVER flick water into hot oil.
Place holed biscuits into oil and watch closely.  The brown will rise up the side, when you see it, flip it.  Tongs work well, my favorite thing to use are chop sticks.  They just make it easy. Make sure you leave room for them to grow and flip. 
Here's the other side.
Now you choose your topping.  If you want powdered donuts, they have to be tossed RIGHT AWAY.
Glazed need to drain a little so I suggest a cookie sheet beneath your cooling rack. 
We rather fancy maple donuts around here.  When you are done with glazed, add Mapleine.  Again, HIGHLY recommended. 
There you have it, two racks full of morning goodness. 



  It amazes me how my children don't ever seem to be listening when I talk but they can recite jingles, tag lines, and benefits from nearly every commercial.  Today the "Pack It" commercial was on and Michael proceed to tell me all the different ways that it was good for us to buy.  "Did you know that the Pack it is SO much better than our lunch boxes because it keeps food cold for up to TEN HOURS?!?  Plus you don't have to think about what to pack us because it comes with a menu.  See?  You get that for free when you order the Pack it.  Did you hear that FREE word?"  I said to him, "We don't need the Pack It, you guys already have brand new lunch boxes."  He said, "But they aren't good for our lunch.  They'll let our food go bad and turn brown.  The Pack It comes with freezer packs on all sides."

  I sure as heck hope he listens this well in first grade.